Tips for Overcoming a Bad Background Check Result

When applying for a job, one of the most important steps is to pass the background check. Unfortunately, not all applicants are lucky enough to have a clean record. A criminal record or other negative information in your background can be difficult to overcome and may prevent you from getting hired. But there are steps that you can take to improve your chances of success even with bad background check results. Below are some tips on how to do just that!

Call 317-636-7514 to Clean Up Your Criminal Record in Indiana
Call 317-636-7514 to Clean Up Your Criminal Record in Indiana

How to Overcome a Negative Background Check Result

Understand Your Background Check Report

Before you can begin to try and address any potential issues on your background check, it is important to understand what is in the report. Request a copy of the report from the company that conducted it and review it carefully for accuracy. If there are any errors or outdated information, be sure to dispute these with the reporting agency so that they can correct them before submitting them to employers.

Address Any Criminal Records

Criminal records often stand out on background checks and can significantly reduce your chances of employment if not addressed properly. If you have a criminal record, work with an attorney or other professional to develop a plan for addressing this issue when dealing with future job applications. You may also benefit from attending job-readiness classes or other rehabilitation programs.

Be Honest and Transparent

Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to background checks and job applications. If you are asked about any criminal records or negative information on your background check, be honest about what happened and explain the steps that you have taken to address the issue. Employers may be more willing to hire someone who has acknowledged their past mistakes than someone who lies or tries to hide them.

Show You Are Qualified

Bad results on a background check do not mean that you cannot still get hired for a job, but you will need to prove that you possess all of the necessary skills and qualifications for the position. Focus on highlighting your strengths and qualifications and be prepared to explain why your background check results should not be a reflection on your ability to do the job.

Network and Look for Opportunities

Networking with potential employers can also help you increase your chances of success despite bad results on a background check. Seek out opportunities to attend career fairs or meet with hiring managers to discuss the positions that you are interested in. This may give you an opportunity to explain any negative information from your background check in person rather than just relying on a piece of paper.

Hire a Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer

You may be eligible for criminal record expungement and a criminal defense lawyer can help you find out of you are. Criminal record expungement is a process by which you can have your criminal records erased or sealed from public access. This legal action effectively wipes your criminal record clean, and you can legally state that you have not been convicted of a crime. This means it will not show up on your background check. Expungement is typically reserved for minor offenses committed over a certain period of time. This legal action can potentially open doors after being hindered by the stigma of a past criminal record. Expungement can have a life-changing impact, providing the opportunity for you to fully move forward with your life. Just be sure to hire a criminal record expungement lawyer for help with the petition process. Just one simple mistake can get your application rejected forever.

In Summary

These tips can help you overcome negative results on a background check but remember that it is important to stay positive throughout the process. With hard work, honesty, and resilience, it is possible to find success even when you have a bad background check result.

Are you ready to learn if you qualify for criminal record expungement in Indiana? Contact us at 317-636-7514 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced expungement lawyer in Indianapolis. Our Indiana criminal expungement services start as low as $850!

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Tips for Ensuring the Accuracy of Your Own Background Checks

Background checks are important for employers and individuals alike. Employers use background checks to determine whether or not a potential employee is suitable for the job, while individuals can use background checks to uncover information about themselves that may have been hidden in the past. But background checks aren’t foolproof – mistakes can happen, and it’s up to you as an individual or employer to ensure accuracy of your own background check results.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some tips on how you can make sure that your background check reports are accurate and up-to-date. We’ll cover topics like criminal record expungement, record sealing, and other methods of ensuring accuracy in background checking. So read on if you want to learn more!

Call 317-636-7514 for Expungement Services in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Call 317-636-7514 for Expungement Services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How to Be Sure You Have an Accurate Personal Record

Check Your Sealed Records

Make sure that any expunged criminal record or sealed records are in fact expunged or sealed. If a background check is done on you and it shows a criminal conviction that was actually expunged or sealed, then the background check results will be inaccurate. You can verify whether your record has been expunged by contacting the court that handled your case, as well as the state criminal justice database. It’s important to note that not all states allow for criminal records to be expunged or sealed.

Confirm Your Personal Data

Ensure accuracy of information with regards to other personal details – Background checks also often include information such as date of birth, address history, employment history and education background. It’s important to make sure that the background check report is accurate with regards to these details. If you’ve moved recently, for example, you’ll want to verify that your current address is being reported correctly.

Get a Copy For Yourself

Request a copy of your background check from the background screening provider – It’s important to ensure accuracy of background checks by double-checking them yourself. You can do this by requesting a copy of the background check report from the background screening provider who provided it and examining it closely. Make sure all information is correct and up to date before taking any action based on the results.

By following these tips, you can help ensure accuracy in background checking and avoid costly mistakes down the road. Doing your own background checks may seem daunting, but with a bit of patience and research, you can make sure that your background check results are accurate. 

Get Your Personal Record Squeaky Clean with Expungement Services

Expunging a criminal record is not an easy process, as it requires careful consideration to ensure that the right steps are taken. After all, you only get one chance to petition. If something goes wrong, you  lose your opportunity forever. So, to begin the expungement process, you should contact a licensed criminal defense law firm that specializes in record expungement and sealing services. Well-versed criminal record expungement lawyers in Indianapolis can provide counsel and determine whether an individual is eligible for an expungement of their criminal record. Moreover, they can provide guidance on navigating the paperwork and legal requirements necessary to complete the criminal record expungement process successfully.

Ready to begin your journey towards uncovering if you are eligible for criminal expungement and where to start? Start right here! Contact our esteemed criminal defense lawyers for affordable criminal record expungement services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our fees start as low as $850, and we never charge for initial consultations.

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Start the New Year Off Right By Sealing Your Indiana Criminal Records

Happy New Year! Do you know where you are headed in 2022?

Do you have a criminal record that has been holding you back from a happier, more full-filling life? A criminal record can impact employment opportunities, job promotions, school admissions, and even dating. So, if you are ready to write a new chapter this year, start off 2022 with a cleaner criminal record.

Continue below to learn how you can expunge or seal your arrest records in Indiana with the help of our esteemed criminal expungement lawyers!

Criminal Expungement Legal Service Indiana 317-636-7514
Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Legal Services 317-636-7514

Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Legal Services

Our Indiana criminal defense law firm specializes in the New Indiana Second Chance Law, offering professional and compassionate criminal record expungement services start as low as $850! Our criminal defense attorneys provide flexible and affordable legal assistance for anyone who wishes to expunge or seal arrest records in Indiana.

Although our office is based in Indianapolis, we can hold client-lawyer meetings over the phone or via online video conferencing, like Skype, Zoom, or Face Time. This means you don’t even have to travel to get professional and reliable aid with your expungement petition! From the comfort of your own home, you can learn your eligibility for criminal record expungement or sealing, plus set up your petition arrangement. This gets everything in motion, right away!

Experience Sets Us Apart From Other Indiana Law Firms

Our experience is an essential element in our ability to fulfill your petition. We have more than 25 years of experience practicing criminal law in Indiana. We are passionate about helping clients obtain a fresh start to life and hopefully engage in opportunities their criminal records or convictions have held them back from in the past.

Whether convicted of a misdemeanor of felony offense, our legal teams have the knowledge, determination, and experience to manage your criminal record expungement or record sealing application process.

Avoid Missing Your Opportunity FOREVER

Having a licensed criminal lawyer who is well-versed in the Indiana Second Chance laws is critical to your petition’s approval.  You see, you get but one chance in your lifetime to apply for sealing or expungement in Indiana. If you make one tiny filing mistake, like a spelling error or missed deadline, you lose your opportunity forever. The problem here is that mistakes are bound to happen since the filing paperwork and process are very complex and tedious. This is why you need a skilled lawyer well-versed in the Indiana expungement and record sealing laws to handle the entire process for you.

Don’t think you can afford it? Think again! We offer criminal expungement services starting at a reasonable $850! Contact our Indianapolis Indiana criminal record expungement lawyers to learn how to begin your petition, today. Our lawyers also offer free initial consultations.

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