A Guide for Obtaining an Order for Criminal Record Expungement in Indiana

Are you looking for a fresh start in life? If so, you may be interested in learning about the process of obtaining an order for criminal record expungement in Indiana. Expunging your criminal records can help to remove any negative stigma associated with having a criminal history and open up new opportunities that may have been previously unavailable to you.

In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to successfully obtain an order for criminal record expungement under Indiana’s Second Chance Law. We’ll also discuss who is eligible and what types of crimes are eligible for expungement. Read on to learn more!

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Call 317-636-7514 to Speak With a Certified Criminal Expungement Lawyer in Indianapolis!

Steps to Take to File for Criminal Record Expungement in Indiana

Step 1: Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed in Indiana’s Second Chance law is your best bet at achieving a successful expungement. Just one small mistake will revoke your opportunity to expunge or seal criminal and arrest records, forever. An attorney knows how to meet all deadlines, fill out all paperwork, and appeal your criminal arrests, charges, and convictions.

Step 2: File a Petition for Expungement. The first step in the process of obtaining an order for criminal record expungement is to file a petition with the court in the county where you were convicted. You must provide detailed information about your case, including the date and location of your offense, the circumstances surrounding it, and why you believe that expunging your records will be beneficial to you. Be sure to include as much detail as possible and make sure all information is accurate.

Step 3: Attend Your Hearing. After you’ve filed your petition, a hearing date will be set for you and any other parties involved in the case to appear before a judge. During this hearing, both sides will have an opportunity to present their arguments. The judge will also ask questions about your petition and why you feel that expunging your records is in the best interest of both yourself and society. You should also be prepared to answer any potential objections from the opposing side.

Step 4: Wait for a Decision. After your hearing has concluded, the judge will then make their decision on whether or not they believe that expunging your criminal records is appropriate in your case. If the judge approves your request for record expungement, they will issue an order setting forth the specifics of how and when it must be done. Typically, this process can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months.

Who Is Eligible for Criminal Record Expungement in Indiana?

In order to be eligible for criminal record expungement in Indiana, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. For instance, you must have been convicted of a crime that is not listed as ineligible under the Second Chance Law. Additionally, if you were convicted of more than one offense or multiple counts of the same offense, all convictions must be considered eligible for expungement and cannot have resulted in jail time or prison sentences exceeding one year. Finally, if you are currently serving parole/probation or have any pending charges against you, then you will not qualify for record expungement at this time.

What Types of Offenses Are Eligible?

Under Indiana’s Second Chance Law, a variety of offenses are eligible for criminal record expungement. This includes certain misdemeanors, felonies, and juvenile convictions. Additionally, some traffic-related offenses can also be expunged in certain circumstances. Examples of these include driving while suspended or intoxicated (DWI), operating without insurance, speeding violations, and certain forms of reckless driving.

Expunge Criminal Records in Indiana Now!

Obtaining an order for criminal record expungement in Indiana is a multi-step process that requires careful consideration of your eligibility and the types of offenses you have been convicted of. By following our step-by-step guide, we hope to provide clarity on how to successfully navigate this legal process. If you are interested in learning more about criminal record expungement or Second Chance Law, please contact us today so that one of our experienced attorneys can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you get the fresh start in life that you deserve!

Are you motivated to begin your journey of applying for an expungement on your criminal record in Indiana? Contact our Indianapolis Indiana criminal record expungement lawyers to learn how to begin your petition, today. Our expungement fees start as low as $850, and we never charge for initial consultations.

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