A Comprehensive Guide to  Record Sealing in Indiana

In the shadow of past mistakes, individuals can find a beacon of hope in Indiana’s Second Chance Law. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the process of criminal record sealing and expungement in Indiana, offering a lifeline to those seeking to leave behind the stigma associated with a criminal history. We will delve into the nuances of this law, providing practical information and guidance to help you navigate the process. It’s time to understand your rights and take the first step towards a fresh start and a cleaner slate.

Call 317-636-7514 for Record Sealing Assistance in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-636-7514 for Record Sealing Assistance in Indianapolis Indiana

What is Criminal Record Sealing?

Criminal record sealing is the process of legally hiding or “sealing” a person’s criminal record from public view. It essentially means that the records are no longer accessible to the general public, including potential employers or landlords. This provides individuals with a second chance at life, free from the barriers and discrimination that can come with having a criminal record.

Eligibility for Record Sealing in Indiana

To be eligible for criminal record sealing and expungement in Indiana, certain criteria must be met. These include completing all terms of your sentence, including probation and/or parole, and waiting a specified period of time after the completion of your sentence. The waiting period varies depending on the severity of the crime committed. For misdemeanors, the waiting period is 5 years, while for most felonies, it is 8 years. However, certain violent or sexual offenses may have longer waiting periods or may not be eligible for record sealing at all.

The Process of Record Sealing in Indiana

The process of record sealing begins with filing a petition with the court in the county where your case was heard. The petition must include a detailed description of your criminal history, the charges you are seeking to seal, and why you believe record sealing would benefit you. It is highly recommended to seek the guidance of an Indianapolis criminal record expungement attorney during this process to ensure all necessary steps are followed.

Benefits of Criminal Record Sealing

The primary benefit of criminal record sealing is the ability to legally state that you have no criminal record. This can be a significant advantage when seeking employment, housing, or educational opportunities. It also provides a sense of closure and the chance for individuals to truly move forward from their past mistakes. It can also improve dating and personal relationships.

Record Sealing vs Expungement

It is essential to note that record sealing and expungement are two different processes in Indiana. While record sealing hides a person’s criminal record from public view, expungement eliminates the record entirely. Expungement is only available for certain types of offenses, and the waiting period is longer compared to record sealing. Furthermore, expunged records may still be accessible in limited circumstances, such as when applying for certain professional licenses.


In conclusion, Indiana’s Second Chance Law provides individuals with a chance to start fresh, without the burden of a criminal record. Record sealing can open doors that were previously closed and provide individuals with the opportunity to build a brighter future. If you or someone you know is eligible for record sealing in Indiana, it is crucial to take advantage of this law and seek guidance from legal professionals to ensure a smooth and successful process. Remember, everyone deserves a second chance, and Indiana’s Second Chance Law is here to make that possible. Let this guide be your first step towards a better tomorrow. 

If you or someone you know needs help with criminal record sealing in Indiana, don’t hesitate to take action and seek out the resources to make it happen. Start right here! Contact our esteemed criminal defense lawyers for affordable criminal record expungement services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our fees start as low as $850, and we never charge for initial consultations.

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How to Seal Your Criminal Records in the State of Indiana

If you have been convicted of a crime in the State of Indiana, it can be difficult to move forward with your life. A criminal record can haunt you for years, making it hard to find employment and housing. Fortunately, there is still hope – if you are eligible, you may be able to seal or expunge your criminal records in Indiana. Sealing or expunging your records will make them inaccessible by most employers and landlords.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to go about sealing or expunging your criminal records in the State of Indiana so that you can start fresh and move on with your life.

Call 317-636-7514 for Help With Criminal Record Sealing in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Call 317-636-7514 for Help With Criminal Record Sealing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Record Sealing Versus Expungement

First, it’s important to understand the difference between record sealing and expungement. Record sealing means that your criminal records are sealed from public view but can still be viewed by law enforcement or other government agencies. Expungement is a more permanent process where eligible criminal records are completely destroyed, meaning they cannot be accessed by anyone but yourself.

Eligibility Requirements for Criminal Record Sealing

In order to get your criminal records sealed or expunged in Indiana, you must meet certain criteria. For example, you may not be eligible if you have multiple convictions or if the conviction is for a serious crime such as murder or sexual assault. Additionally, there may be waiting periods depending on the type of conviction and when it occurred. It’s important to note that not all criminal records are eligible for either sealing or expungement.

Hire a Criminal Expungement Lawyer

If you believe you may be eligible, the next step is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who specializes in appeals and expungements lawyer. An expungement lawyer can review your criminal record and determine if you are in fact eligible for sealing or expungement. If so, the attorney will then complete all necessary paperwork to begin the process. In some cases, it’s possible to do this yourself; however, having an experienced lawyer on your side is often a wise investment as they can ensure that everything goes smoothly and that no mistakes are made along the way.

An Expungement Attorney is Key to a Successful Record Sealing Process

Sealing or expunging your criminal records in Indiana is not always easy, but it can be done if you know what steps to take. With the right help and guidance, you can start anew and move forward with your life. If you think you may be eligible for sealing or expunging your criminal records in Indiana, contact an experienced expungement lawyer today to get started on this process.

Are the repercussions of your criminal past limiting the chances for personal and professional success? Contact our respected lawyers for affordable criminal record expungement services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our fees start as low as $850, and we never charge for initial consultations.

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Reclaiming Your Rights with the Indiana Second Chance Law

If you’ve been convicted of a crime in Indiana, it can be difficult to move on with your life. You may find that your criminal record makes it hard to get a job, housing, or other opportunities. But the Indiana Second Chance Law offers hope for those who have paid their debt to society and are ready for a fresh start. This law allows individuals to expunge their criminal records and reclaim their rights as citizens of Indiana. In this blog post, we will discuss how the Indiana Second Chance Law works, who is eligible for expungement under this law and what steps you need to take if you want to clear your criminal record in Indiana.

So, if you’re looking for a second chance at a better quality of life, read on!

Call 317-636-7514 to Meet With an Indiana Second Chance Lawyer Today!
Call 317-636-7514 to Meet With an Indiana Second Chance Lawyer Today!

How Criminal Record Expungement Can Help You

The Indiana Second Chance Law was enacted in 2019 to give people the opportunity to expunge their criminal records and start anew. Under this law, Indiana residents who have been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony can petition a court to have their criminal records expunged. It is important to note that not all crimes are eligible for expungement. Indiana state law outlines the specific types of misdemeanor and felony convictions that can be expunged under Indiana’s Second Chance Law.

In addition, certain conditions must be met in order for someone to become eligible for criminal record expungement. For example, Indiana residents must have completed all court-ordered sentences within a certain amount of time before they can file a petition for expungement. Indiana residents must also have been free from any criminal behavior or arrests within a certain amount of time before they can become eligible to seek criminal record expungement.

Once you’ve determined that you meet the requirements outlined in Indiana state law, it’s time to take the steps necessary to expunge your criminal record. The Indiana Second Chance Law requires Indiana residents to file a petition with the court in the county where their conviction took place. You will need to submit several documents with your petition, such as proof of completion of all court-ordered sentences and evidence that you have met all other criteria for criminal record expungement. After the court reviews your petition and all necessary documents, it will decide whether or not to expunge your criminal record.

Get a 2nd Change at Life With Criminal Record Expungement Services

Getting a second chance can be an incredibly powerful thing, and Indiana’s Second Chance Law offers Indiana residents this opportunity. If you are eligible for criminal record expungement under Indiana Second Chance Law, make sure you take the necessary steps to reclaim your rights as a citizen of Indiana. Start by hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney who is well-versed in criminal record expungement and record sealing in Indiana. They can determine your eligibility and make the best case for your petition.

Are you ready to get started on your petition for criminal record expungement in Indiana? Contact our Indianapolis Indiana criminal record expungement lawyers to learn how to begin your petition, today. Our expungement fees start as low as $850, and we never charge for initial consultations.

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Where to Get Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer Services Starting at $850

Don’t let a criminal record keep you from achieving your dreams. Start a new life with a clean slate by seeing if you qualify for criminal record expungement or sealing. Don’t think it’s in the budget? Think again. You may be eligible for criminal expungement lawyer services as low as $850! Continue reading to learn where you can get such affordable and reputable criminal record expungement legal assistance in Central Indiana, and how to learn your eligibility as soon as today!

Indianapolis Criminal Record Expungement Law Firm
Indianapolis Criminal Record Expungement Law Firm 317-636-7514

Open Up Doors in Your Life With a Cleaner Criminal Record

Here at the Indianapolis criminal defense law office of David E. Lewis, our Indiana criminal record expungement lawyers understand how difficult and unfair life can seem with a criminal record holding you back. Employment and job opportunities, promotions, rental homes, mortgage loans, and more can all be barely out of reach if you have an arrest or conviction on your criminal history report.

Taking Advantage of Indiana’s Second Chance Law Can Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

Indiana has a new law that is informally being called “Indiana’s Second Chance Law” because it truly gives past offenders a second chance at excelling in life in the same way they would have had they not had a criminal record. There are varying degrees of qualification, and the petition and filing process is extremely challenging, confusing, and strict. One simple spelling error or missed deadline can wipe away your chance at ever sealing or expunging your criminal record since people are only allowed to petition once in a lifetime. Any mistakes made will destroy your chances at succeeding with the process.

Your Leading Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Lawyers

For these reasons and more, it is vital for you to outsource professional legal assistance to ensure your applications are filled out properly and that all deadlines are met. David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, is the Indianapolis expungement lawyer who can help you achieve this goal. He knows money can be tight, and truly believes that all people should have the opportunity to petition for expungement with legal assistance. That is why his expungement services start as low as $850.

Our Indianapolis Indiana Law Firm Offers:

☑ Free Initial Consultations
☑ Spanish Speaking Attorneys and Staff
☑ Home and Hospital Visits
☑ 24 Hour Phone Service
☑ Free Parking
☑ Out-of-State Attorney References
☑ Services Starting as Low as $850!

Are you ready to clean up your criminal history once and for all? Contact our Indianapolis Indiana criminal record expungement lawyers to learn how to begin your petition, today. Our lawyer fees start as low as $850, and we never charge for initial consultations.

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Criminal Record Expungement Attorney Indiana
Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Attorney 317-636-7514

How to Begin the Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Process

Whether you think so or not, your criminal record is holding you back in life. Now that Indiana has the Second Chance Law that permits past convicts and arrestees to clean up and seal their criminal histories, there is no reason for you to be living with a poor quality permanent record. Continue below to learn more about the criminal record expungement process, including how to get started on your petition as soon as this week.

Indianapolis Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Help
Indianapolis Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Help 317-636-7514

Clean Up Your Criminal Record for a Better Present and More Promising Future

Living with a criminal record can be extremely frustrating and shameful. Many people make mistakes when their younger, or when they’re put in undesirable situations. Sometimes these situations or mistakes result in arrests, trial, and convictions. When this happens, a person has no choice but to live with the consequences that come with breaking the law. Employers, landlords, and more can access public record directories and find a person’s criminal history. They can identify whether or not a person has been arrested or convicted of a crime.

Everything Shows Up on Your Criminal Record Before Expungement

Misdemeanors, companies, and simple arrests are all posted to their personal background records. Crimes and convictions follow people their entire lives and prohibits them from enjoying normal amenities that any of the person with better criminal record can enjoy. And amenities such as renting a home or apartment, or earning a promotion they are qualified for by rejected due to their criminal histories, and more.

What to Do About Your Criminal Record in Indiana

If you are someone with a criminal record, you might want to know how to restrict these records from the public eye. This process is called expungement. Fortunately, Indiana has passed a new law allowing criminal record expungement for people with arrest records and criminal histories. Although there are several stipulations surrounding eligibility and requirements, many people are now able to feel their criminal records from all public access, including landlords, employers, public databases, and more.

If you are somebody that wishes to expunge their criminal record, act right away. This new law is extremely controversial and retains a huge following of naysayers and sex. It is important to act immediately and begin the process of record expungement in case the law is banished in the near future.

How to Begin the Criminal Record Expungement Process in Indiana:

➀ Recall all previous arrests and/or convictions and their dates.
➁ Gather all related legal paperwork for each arrest and/or conviction.
➂ Call an Indiana criminal record expungement attorney.
➃ Schedule a free initial consultation to assess your eligibility.
➄ Retain the services of a criminal record expungement lawyer.
➅ Follow all instructions recommended by your attorney.

Are you ready to clean up your criminal history once and for all? Contact our Indianapolis Indiana criminal record expungement lawyers to learn how to begin your petition, today. Our lawyer fees start as low as $850, and we never charge for initial consultations.

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Criminal Record Expungement Attorney Indiana
Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Attorney 317-636-7514

Can I Expunge My Criminal Record Yet?

When a person has been arrested, convicted, charged with a crime, or all three, then this information will stay on their permanent record. Criminal records retain information about an individual’s criminal history. Every time an arrest takes place, or a run-in with law enforcement occurs, it is added to a person’s criminal record. Currently, a new law recently passed in Indiana allows people with past criminal histories to expunge their records and seal then from the public eye.

This means employers, landlords, loan officers, mortgage brokers, and the public cannot access a person’s criminal record once expunged. However, there are several stipulations when it comes to qualifying for criminal record expungement. Not only are there criteria for qualifying, there are rules governing time-frames, namely how long a person must wait to be eligible for expungement.

Continue reading to learn how long you have to wait until you are qualified to expunge your criminal records in Indiana.

Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Office 317-636-7514
Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Office 317-636-7514

Criminal Record Expungement Basics to Know

Depending on the crime committed, a person must wait at least five years since the date of any conviction in order to be eligible for expungement. For more severe or serious crimes, like felonies, a person must wait at least eight to ten years before qualifying for record expungement. Many people that have heard about this new law are excited and eager to get their recent arrests and charges sealed for good; however, this law doesn’t work that way. It is not intended to clear a person’s record and wash away their accountability in a crime; instead, it is meant for people who made mistakes in their past that wish to conceal these arrests for future, healthy endeavors.

For example, a husband and new father has an OWI arrest on his record from his college days. He wants to apply for the new promotion at work to better support his family, but cannot get the job because he has a criminal history. This man would benefit greatly from the new criminal record expungement law. He can have this long-ago arrest conceal from his employers so that he may be looked at as a potential candidate for the upcoming promotion. This law is not intended to seal a prostitution arrest from a month ago, so a woman does not have to do more jail time the next time she is arrested on the streets.

There are various other stipulations when it comes to criminal expungement eligibility. Not everyone will qualify and be granted expungement rights, even if the required amount of time has passed since the arrest. Certain crimes are not sealable, such as murder, sex crimes, kidnapping, and other felonies. Some states do allow record expungement for felonies at all, only misdemeanors and arrests.

How to Get Started on Your Indiana Expungement Petition

Call our Law Office at 317-636-7514 to learn your eligibility for criminal record expungement in Indiana. We are skilled criminal defense lawyers who are eager to help you get the fresh start in life that you deserve! Our services start as low as $850, so you can afford to clean up your record just as much as the next guy. Call 317-636-7514 to schedule a consultation, today.

Will My Misdemeanor Show Up on a Background Check?

If you are preparing for a job interview, or perhaps even a blind date, you might want to know what your background check would reveal if one is performed on you!

Seal Criminal Records 317-636-7514

Seal Your Criminal Records 317-636-7514

It is mostly common knowledge that any standard background check will reveal a felony conviction or criminal charge. However, people question whether or not less serious convictions, such as misdemeanors, are reported on background scans. A misdemeanor conviction is less serious than a felony, however, it is still a criminal conviction nonetheless. This means you are considered a past offender, or criminal, as a result of the misdemeanor conviction. For this reason, you can almost guarantee that your misdemeanor will appear on your background check. Continue reading to learn more.

Misdemeanor Convictions

There are several types of misdemeanor crimes, with the most common being petty theft, drug possession, intoxicated driving, public intoxication, disorderly or lewd conduct, and vandalism. These convictions usually come with minor to moderate legal penalties that are mandatory, including jail time, probation, routine drug testing, fines, suspended drivers’ license, community service, drug and alcohol education, rehabilitation, house arrest, and more.

The consequences of a misdemeanor conviction are much less severe than those of a felony conviction, however, misdemeanors and felonies do have one thing in common: they stay on your criminal record for life. So if a person runs a background check on you, they are likely to receive information about any criminal convictions you have on your record, misdemeanors or felonies. However, some background check systems are not as thorough, so it may not show up at all depending on the level of scan they perform.

For instance, because most misdemeanors are prosecuted at county levels, a person running a state background will only find misdemeanors committed in the same state or county. If you have a misdemeanor on your criminal record in another state, it might not show up on a background report. On the other hand, if they were to run a federal level background check, or a more comprehensive check, they may be able to find your misdemeanor conviction or charge.

Seal Misdemeanors and Other Public Criminal Records

Criminal Record Expungement 317-636-7514

Criminal Record Expungement 317-636-7514

It is important to always assume that your criminal records will appear on all background checks. Fortunately, in Indiana, there is a new law that allows past offenders to seal their public criminal records if they qualify. And misdemeanors are easier to seal so long as a person meets all other qualifications! In order to expunge a misdemeanor, you must file your petition properly. One mistake, even a tiny spelling error, can erase your opportunity for the rest of your life. For this reason, you need a professional Indianapolis expungement lawyer to help you file your application and meet all your state requirements and deadlines.

Call 317-636-7514 if you would like to petition for restricted access or expunge an arrest from your criminal record in Indianapolis. We are happy to provide free initial consultations to discuss your case without any out-of-pocket obligations. And our rates start as low as $850!

FAQs About Sealing Criminal Records

Many people are still not aware that some states have adopted a new law that allows past criminal records to be sealed from public access. Depending on several factors, a person may be qualified to have certain criminal records, such as arrests or charges, hidden from the public. This means that employers, banks, landlords, and regular people cannot see these sealed records no matter how much they pay or how hard they look. The only groups that will still have access to sealed records are the courts, jails, and other governmental organizations. If you would like to know more about sealing criminal records, continue reading to review some answers to the questions most frequently asked.

Criminal Record Expungement Attorney 317-636-7514

Criminal Record Expungement Attorney 317-636-7514

What is the Difference Between Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records?

Expungement is more complex, and very difficult to qualify for. Most often, those who were arrested and never charged, found innocent of the charges, or had charges dismissed, acquitted, and so forth, can have their records expunged. This means that the record no longer exists publically and they can legally say they have never been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime. Sealing criminal records results in removing them from public records, but the same benefits generally apply.

How Do I Seal My Criminal Records?

You must petition for criminal record sealing by completing a complex series of paperwork, filing, deadlines, and more. Unfortunately, one simple error in any of these areas will result in a petition being denied. This is not good because a person can only petition once in their life for criminal record sealing. To get started, you will need to research your state’s laws and procedures for sealing criminal records. It is strongly encouraged to hire a criminal defense lawyer for assistance.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Seal Criminal Records?

You don’t have to have a lawyer by law, but it is strongly encouraged to hire one for assistance because the process and requirements are very stringent and complicated. One simple error, like a misspelled name, can get a petition denied instantly. An experienced criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed in the state’s new law can ensure your application and filing process go smoothly. They will make sure all paperwork is filed properly and on time.

When Can I Apply to Seal My Criminal Records?

Depending on your state’s particular laws, the time you must wait from the day of your conviction to the day you can apply will vary. In all cases, it must be at least 3 to 5 years since the date of the original charges. For more serious offenses, this time is increased. Talk to your trusted attorney to determine how long you have until you can qualify to apply for record sealing.

Who Can I Trust For Indiana Criminal Record Sealing Assistance?

Call 317-636-7514 if you have a criminal record in Indiana. Our law firm is well-versed in the Indiana criminal record expungement laws, and charges as low as $850 for our services. Whether you are looking to seal or expunge a criminal record, we are the criminal lawyers to trust for a hassle-free petitioning process. Call 317-636-7514 to learn more about Indianapolis criminal record expungement, today.

Can I Buy a Gun After Expunging a Felony Conviction?

When a person is convicted of a felony crime, there are several consequences that go along with it, many of which disrupt or impact a person’s life forever. One of the many restrictions convicted felons must live with is the right to purchase a firearm. But now that recent laws have approved criminal record expungement, many people are taking advantage of sealing their past criminal convictions from public access, leading them to ask several questions about restoring their rights as well. A common inquiry among past felons filing for expungement involves the right to purchase and bear arms. Continue reading to learn more about expunging felony criminal records and how it influences a person’s right to purchase a gun.

Criminal Record Expungement vs Restricted Access

In Indiana, if a person was charged with a felony or misdemeanor, but never found guilty, then they are eligible for expungement. But if a person has any conviction on their criminal record, whether for a misdemeanor or felony offense, they are not eligible to have it expunged. However, they may qualify to have it placed under restricted access, which is sometimes referred to as record “sealing” rather than record expungement. To petition for a chance at sealing criminal records in Indiana, all of the following statements listed below must be true:

1. Offense was a Misdemeanor or Level 6 Felony
2. They Caused No Bodily Injury
3. No New Convictions Since the Conviction
4. It Has Been at Least 8 Years Since the Conviction
5. Offense was not Sexual nor Violent

Gun Rights

When a person is convicted of a felony offense, they immediately lose their right to purchase or bear firearms. And since Indiana only allows past convicts who qualify to seal and restrict their criminal records, rather than expunge them, they can never regain that privilege again. The only way a person’s right to purchase and bear firearms can be restored is if they were never convicted of a crime or their charges were later dropped or dismissed. All those with convictions on their criminal record cannot expunge their
convictions, therefore, they cannot have their
right to firearms reinstated in Indiana.

Indiana Expungement Lawyer

Call 317-636-7514 for help sealing and expunging criminal records in Indiana. Our rates start as low as $850, making our legal services affordable for everyone! Our comprehensive understanding of Indiana expungement law, coupled with our acute work ethic, makes us the perfect ally when petitioning the government. We will ensure you qualify before taking the time to file and process paperwork, and furthermore, ensure that all your filing and proceedings are accurately managed and carried out on time. Call 317-636-7514 to discuss your eligibility with a licensed Indiana criminal record expungement lawyer today!

Do You Need a Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer?

A criminal record expungement lawyer will save you a substantial amount of time, money, and frustration in the expunging process. But do you NEED one to file for expungement? The answer is no; however, it is the wisest choice for anyone who wishes to properly expunge their criminal records in the one opportunity the law gives them. One simple mistake or misspelled word can revoke a person’s right to expunge their criminal records forever. A licensed attorney can make sure that doesn’t happen, and all for a reasonable one-time fee. Continue reading to learn more about criminal record expungement attorney services and how they can help you.

Expunging or Sealing Criminal Records

A person has one opportunity to file for criminal record expungement. One filing misstep can cost them that chance. A licensed attorney that is well-versed in the new Indiana expungement laws can process all the necessary documents and paperwork needed to file for expungement. They can be sure you are informed, set, and ready for all mandatory court hearings, if any, and all other obligations involved in the process. With a lawyer, you can rest assure that the filing and application process is carried out perfectly so that you have the highest chance of having your records sealed from the public.

Generally, the cost of hiring an attorney to assist in expunging or sealing your criminal records is around $1,000, give or take. These prices go up depending on the extent of a person’s criminal history and the complexity of their case. Some lawyers may offer payment arrangements or financing plans, depending on the client’s credit history and other variables. No matter what the price, criminal record expungement is worth it tenfold.

Keep in mind that a public defender cannot offer service to assist in expungement applications and filing. You must either choose to file and apply yourself, or hire a licensed attorney for professional and organized assistance.

The Law Office of David E. Lewis

Call 317-636-7514 for criminal record expungement services in Indiana. We are licensed attorneys well-versed in the current Indiana expungement laws and guidelines. We can ensure that your application process is carried out faultlessly. Rates start as low as $850 so call today!