Where to Get Juvenile Record Expungement Legal Help in Indiana

Minor arrests and misdemeanors can now be sealed from public access in Indiana, so long as you have a licensed criminal attorney by your side. Continue below to learn where to find reputable criminal record expungement legal help for juvenile records in Indiana, plus how to get started in your petition this month.

Juvenile Criminal Record Expungement Indiana 317-636-7514
Juvenile Criminal Record Expungement Indiana 317-636-7514

Expungement For Juvenile Criminal Records in Indiana

Expunge Criminal Record Indiana provides exceptional legal counsel for families and individuals all across Indiana. Not only are we highly accomplished and respected personal injury attorneys, but we are also extensively well-versed and proficient in the new criminal record expungement laws. We offer our services for individuals who wish to seal our criminal records from when we were just a minor!

If you were arrested or convicted of a crime as a juvenile, you may be eligible for criminal record expungement. Not all will qualify, and there are several stipulations regarding eligibility and approval, which is why you need a licensed attorney to facilitate the application process for you, flawlessly!

Here are Central Indiana cities we provide juvenile criminal expungement legal assistance for:

▣ Avon
▣ Carmel
▣ Columbus
▣ Fishers
▣ Franklin
▣ Greenwood
▣ Indianapolis
▣ Noblesville
▣ Martinsville
▣ Mooresville
▣ Westfield
▣ Zionsville

Request a Free Consultation to Learn Your Eligibility

We offer free initial consultations to assess your case and determine if you are eligible to expunge criminal records in Indiana. This means there is no obligation to pay for your first meeting with our licensed attorneys!

Are you ready to get started on learning your eligibility and starting point for juvenile criminal expungement? Contact us at 317-636-7514 for criminal record expungement services for minors and juveniles in Indianapolis, Indiana today.

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Can Minors Have their Criminal Records Expunged?

New Indiana laws permit past offenders to have their previous criminal records concealed from the public. This means clean background checks and restricted criminal histories for anyone who is granted expungement. Many families who have minors with criminal convictions want to know if their son or daughter can also have their criminal records concealed. They answer is not so straight-forward. Continue reading to learn how to qualify for criminal record expungement, and if minors can be included in the system.

Juvenile Record Expungement

Anyone who wishes to have their arrest records and convictions concealed from public access must qualify by meeting certain criteria. One of the first and foremost criteria for expunging criminal records, is that the requesting party must be at least 18 years old. Only a legal adult can qualify to have their records expunged; however, this does not mean adults cannot have their juvenile records concealed. Once someone turns 18 years old, and they meet all other requirements for record expungement, they can pursue this legal grant with the help of a licensed Indianapolis attorney.

Although minors cannot have their arrest records expunged, it is not their last hope. Once they turn 18 years old, and their offenses have passed a certain amount of time, they too can pursue record expungement legally. For misdemeanors, five years must pass before the conviction can be sealed; while more severe convictions require more allotted time. It all depends on the individual’s crime, charge, and conviction.

Indianapolis Expungement Services

Call Expunge Criminal Record Indiana at 317-636-7514 to learn more about the Indiana criminal record expungement laws and eligibility requirements. Our seasoned attorneys are acutely well-versed in the new Indiana criminal expungement laws, and retain good-standing relationships with the local courthouses and magistrates. We can help you conceal your criminal records this year! Call 317-636-7514 and schedule a consultation with a licensed criminal record expungement lawyer in Indianapolis, IN today.

How to Seal Court Records for Minors

Kids are known to make mistakes. Now under a new expungement law in Indiana, minors with criminal records can get a fresh start by sealing their juvenile court histories. They can legally file a petition to the courts, requesting criminal record expungement of their past criminal convictions. If they are granted expungement, they can start right away by hiring an attorney that specializes in this new law.

Juvenile Criminal Expungement

When a person expunges their past criminal and court records, they can legally tell potential employers, landlords, licensing agencies, and more that they have never been arrested or convicted of a crime. However, there are several stipulations and perquisites for a person to qualify for expungement. To determine if someone is eligible for criminal expungement, it is best to consult a licensed attorney who is well-versed in this area of law. They can inform you of all the steps and procedures involved in filing for record expungement, and can facilitate all of the proper requirements and obligations accurately. Having a lawyer on your side is vital in order to be approved for expungement because, under law, a person has only one chance in their lifetime to file for expungement. If one document or paperwork is filed incorrectly, a person loses their opportunity to expunge their court records.

Here are the general eligibility guidelines, subject to vary depending on individual circumstances and convictions, for juvenile record expungement:

1. Age – Must Be 18 Years Old or Older

2. Time Passed – Must Be At Least 5 Years Since Date of Minor’s Conviction

3. Type of Offense – Serious Convictions Cannot Be Expunged (i.e. crimes that would be felony offenses in adult court)

4. Subsequent Crimes – Petitions Will Be Denied if Succeeding Adult Convictions Exist

In order to file for juvenile expungement, a person must meet all of the above criteria, then follow these steps:

1. Hire a Licensed Indianapolis Attorney
2. File a Petition to the Juvenile Court Clerk in the County of Conviction or Arrest
3. Pay a Court Filing Fee

Indiana Expungement Services for Juveniles and Adults

Call 317-636-7514 for juvenile expungement services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are extensively well-versed in the new criminal record expungement laws, and can assist you in accurate and precise filing services. If you were arrested or convicted of a crime in your adolescent years, you may be eligible for expungement. Call us today at 317-636-7514 and schedule a free initial consultation for us to assess your eligibility for criminal record expungement in Indiana.

How to Expunge Juvenile Court and Arrest Records in Indiana

With information spreading about the new Indiana expungement laws, many families are beginning to wonder if this law can apply to juvenile records as well. In Indiana, the answer is yes; however, there are still certain stipulations surrounding expungement eligibility. As long as a person is at least 18 years old and qualifies for expungement, there is a good chance they can succeed in removing arrest and court records from their file. Continue reading to learn how to expunge adolescent arrest records and court histories in Indiana; and who to call for accurate advice and counsel regarding juvenile criminal record expungement.

A Clear Slate for Juvenile Offenders

When a criminal record is expunged, past offenders can legally tell employers, licensing agents, landlords, and more that they have never been convicted of a crime in Indiana. There are several other advantages to sealing juvenile arrest and court records too; so long as the defendant fits within all the prerequisites for criminal record expungement. This means they have no other pending charges since the arrest, five years has passed since the closing of all court proceedings, they are at least 18 years old, and the arrest charges in question were not serious felonies that do not qualify for expungement, such as crude sexual offenses or murder.

To get adolescent records expunged, defendants are required to file a petition to the pertaining courthouse, as well as, pay a predetermined court filing fee. By law, a person is only allowed to file one time for criminal record expungement in a lifetime; however, they can expunge multiple records at one time. This means that all paperwork and filing procedures must be facilitated flawlessly in order to have a shot at expunging court records at all. This is why it is imperative to hire a reputable and knowledgeable attorney for assistance with accurate and precise filing.

What Happens Once a Juvenile Record is Expunged?

If a person’s petition for adolescent criminal expungement is accepted, then that person’s record is no longer acknowledged by the court. Legally, if this person is asked if they have a criminal history, they can say no. Individuals and organizations that might request background checks include employers, government agencies, landlords, educational institutions, banks, and more. If a juvenile record has been expunged, it will not show up on background checks. Only in some cases will juvenile arrest records show up on background checks. For example, if a person is applying within a law enforcement agency, these records will most likely be available. Also, if a juvenile record concerns a vehicle violation, then most insurance companies can obtain this information.

Expunge Your Criminal Record in Indiana

For more information about expunging juvenile arrest records in Indianapolis, call Expunge Criminal Record Indiana at 317-636-7514 today. You can reach a friendly legal representative during regular business hours. We offer free first consultations for all who qualify; as well as, accurate updates on the current Indiana expungement laws and filing requirements. If you require assistant with expunging juvenile court records in Indianapolis, IN, call our office today for professional legal assistance you can trust.