Is an Unfair Criminal Record From Holding You Back From a Better Job?

Are you tired of being held back in your career due to a past criminal or arrest record? Don’t fear applying for that dream promotion or professional license because you are worried that a past arrest or criminal charge will stop you from succeeding. Take advantage of the new Indiana Second Chance Law before it is repealed by oppositional legislation! Your first step is to confirm your eligibility for criminal record expungement or arrest record sealing with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis.

If you want to prevent an unfair criminal record from holding you back from a better job, continue reading to learn how to get started with learning your qualifications for criminal record expungement and record sealing in Indiana.

Indiana Second Chance Law Attorney 317-636-7514
Indiana Second Chance Law Attorney 317-636-7514

Indiana Record Expungement Can Jump Start Your Career

If you have a criminal record that is not a representation of who you are today as a person, then you should do something about it! Indiana now has a Second Chance Law that allows those that meet certain criteria to seal or expunge past criminal charges and arrests from their personal public records. This means that the general public would not be able to access or find your criminal blemish anywhere on your personal record, including employers, landlords, banks, and more!

You can finally rent that apartment you’ve been wanting on the nicer side of town or take out a home loan to buy a house of your own! And when it comes to job applications, licensing, and promotions, you are in the clear once again! It truly is a second chance at having a life you deserve!

How to Get Started With Your Petition

It is important to retain assistance before navigating the complex filing and petition process. Our Indiana criminal record expungement law firm is well-versed in the new Indiana second chance law and offers our services as low as $850 dollars! This means anyone, including yourself, can afford criminal record expungement petition assistance and legal services in Indiana.

Are you ready to learn your eligibility and get started on your expungement application process? Contact us at 317-636-7514 to schedule a consultation with a seasoned criminal record expungement lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. We can conduct meetings over the phone, via online video conference, or in person at our office. Rates start as low as $850!

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