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Indiana Criminal Expungement FAQ’s

Do I Need an Attorney to Expunge a Criminal Record in Indiana?
Not necessarily; but we highly recommended that you retain professional counsel for several reasons. First, an attorney can handle any objections from the Prosecutor on your behalf, as well as, clearly and effectively present your case in court if needed. Also, an attorney will know how to file paperwork and documents properly. If any paperwork is improperly or untimely filed, a person can lose their opportunity to expunge their previous crimes. Another reason why it is strongly recommended to hire a lawyer for criminal expungement services is for efficiency. If you try to petition on your own, it could take months to acquire the necessary paperwork from various sources. It is possible that this law may be repealed before one years’ time.
Do I Need to Show Up for Court?
No. In most cases we show up on your behalf. Only in a few limited instances would it be necessary for you to appear in court.
How Long Does the Expungement Process Take?
No one is sure yet because it is a new law. The amount of time it takes from the day a person sees an attorney for expungement eligibility to the day their records are sent to them, differs for each individual case.  We expect that in most cases, it will take no longer than three to four months, depending on the charges and the court’ workload at the time.
Additional Facts:
  • This is Indiana’s FIRST Comprehensive Criminal Expungement Statute in Indiana History
  • A Person Can Only Petition for Expungement Once in a Lifetime
  • The Indiana Expungement Law Has Much Opposition and May Be Repealed Soon
  • A Person Can Petition for Criminal Expungement for Several Offenses in Multiple Counties – But Must Do So All In One Year’s Time
  • Employers Cannot Ask About Expunged Records in Job Applications
  • Generally, a Person Cannot Expunge Violent Crimes or Sex Crimes
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