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Criminal Record Expungement in Indianapolis

Our crime attorneys truly want to help you understand the new laws regarding criminal record expungement in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or Class D Felony that was reduced to a misdemeanor, we can help! With the new ruling, anyone who qualifies can have past convictions, arrests, felonies, and misdemeanors eliminated from their personal records and criminal background. There are several stipulations and eligibility requirements so be sure to contact us for help. Call the number below for more details about criminal record expungement services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Record Expunging Indianapolis, IN

Criminal Record Expungement Indianapolis, Indiana Have questions about record expunging in Indianapolis, IN? Then call our criminal defense law firm today! We are extensively experienced in law and attorney services; as well as, highly proficient in the new ruling on criminal background expungement in Indiana. Our team will answer your questions on expunging records and more, any time. We even offer free consultations! Charges such as theft, drug possession, drunk driving, check fraud, and more can all be eliminated from a person’s record if they meet all the requirements. To learn more about the eligibility requirements for record expunging in Indianapolis, IN, call our team today!

Criminal Expungement Facts for 2013

  • Indiana’s First Criminal Expungement Statute
  • Can Only File for Expungement Once in a Lifetime
  • May File for Criminal Expungement in Multiple Counties at Once
  • CANNOT Expunge Sex Crimes and Violent Crimes
  • This Law May Be Repealed Soon, Making This a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!

Benefits of Criminal Expungement in Indiana:

  • Repair Your Driving History
  • Prohibits Current and Potential Employers from Inquiring about Expunged Criminal Backgrounds
  • No More Public Embarrassment or Personal Shame
  • Your Right to Vote is Restored
  • More Job and Career Opportunities Available
  • Restore Your Right to Own or Possess a Firearm
  • Clear Your Name and Conscience
  • Plus So Much More!
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Our attorneys provide services for all Indiana counties. Here are a few of the cities we provide Criminal Expungement for in Indiana: