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Criminal Record Expungement Avon, Indiana

Criminal record expungement provided in Avon, Indiana. Our seasoned criminal lawyers offer accurate and up-to-date information on the new expungement laws in Indiana. Our expert attorneys are powerful litigators and can help you expunge your criminal background this year! We offer services for felony expungement, misdemeanor expungement, criminal background expunging services, and more. You can reach a live legal representative any time for free information about records expunging, simply by calling the number below. If you have any questions about expungement in Avon, Indiana, please contact our law office to set up a free consultation right away.

Expunge Criminal Record in Avon, In

Criminal Record Expungement Avon, Indiana Expunge your criminal record in Avon, Indiana by calling our law firm today. We offer comprehensive representation for all persons seeking misdemeanor or felony expungement services in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. There are various stipulations and restrictions to qualify for record expungement in Avon. This is why it is important to consult our professional attorneys for expungement assistance and services for your legal case. Also, it is not a popular law and will most likely not last long; so take advantage of this new law while you still can! Let our specialized attorneys help with getting your record expunged not just in Avon, but anywhere else in Indiana.

Criminal Expungement Facts for 2013

  • Indiana’s 1st Criminal Expungement Law
  • You Can Only File for Criminal Expungement Once in a Lifetime
  • You Can File for Expungement in Multiple Counties at Once
  • Sex Crimes and Violent Crimes are Excluded
  • This a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY! This Law Can Be Repealed in the Near Future!

What Can Be Expunged From Criminal Records in Indiana?

  • Arrest Records (With No Convictions)
  • Any Misdemeanors
  • Class D Felonies Reduced to a Misdemeanor
  • Class D Felony Convictions Such as OWI with Priors, Theft, Possession of Drugs or Narcotics, Fraud, Intimidation, etc.
  • Other Felonies (Excluding Sex Crimes, Felonies Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, Elected Official Misconduct, Human Trafficking, Violent Crimes, Homicide, etc.)
*The Excluded Felonies MAY or MAY NOT Be Expunged by a Court, Depending on the Circumstances.  Just Dial 317-636-7514 to hear more about these qualifications.
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Our attorneys provide services for all Indiana counties. Here are a few of the cities we provide Criminal Expungement for in Indiana: