What Does a Background Check Look For?

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Criminal Record Expungement 317-636-7514

With the increase of internet and social media popularity, the ability to peer closer into a person’s private life is becoming easier and more desirable. One common resource for doing so is called a background check. What was once exclusively used for law enforcement, credit lenders, and employers, is now easily available to the general public for a small fee. There are thousands of online portals that offer background scanning services, private investigation, and more. Anyone can go online and find a website that provides background checks for a one-time non-refundable payment. By simply typing in your credit card number and clicking a few buttons, you too can access anyone’s public records. But what do these background checks really check for? What is included in a person’s public record? Continue reading to find out!

Background Scans

In general, there are three primary categories that a background check will provide information about. These categories include employment history, credit history, and criminal history. Of course, some background checks can be more invasive, depending on the security clearance of the authorities performing the scan, as well as, how much a person is willing to pay for such information. This can include social services history, divorce records, address changes, and more.

Within the three primary categories of standard background checks, there are detailed pieces of information that can be exposed about a person. These details and information can be used against the person when interviewing for jobs, romantically dating, applying for loans, and more. Potential employers may run a background scan for the sake of assuring someone is trustworthy for certain job responsibilities and security clearances, while a woman might run a background check on a man she has been set up on a blind date with. Depending on what the scanner is looking for, the information can be used against or in favor of a person.

Employment History – Employment background scans will look for education records, previous employers, job resignations, job losses, job responsibilities, professional credentials, military records, and more. It will also look for workers’ compensation suits and settlements, state licensing records, professional references, personal references, and more.

Credit History – Scans will look for or expose credit scores, social security numbers, bank accounts, property ownership, assets, past credit loans, defaulted loans, repossessions, outstanding debt, bankruptcies, medical records, insurance records, biological children, dependents, and more.

Criminal History – Criminal background checks will look for driving records, arrest records, jail records, court records, drug test records, institutionalization records, sex offender registrations, warrants, and more.

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