The 3 Step Approach to Expunging a Criminal Record

Anyone who qualifies for criminal record expungement or sealing should immediately take advantage of Indiana’s Second Chance Law. There are many lobbyist parties against the new expungement laws, putting its sustainability in question. If you want to expunge a criminal record, do not feel confused about the process. The criminal expungement process is actually quite simple, so long as you educate yourself on the best practices and get started on the right track.

Continue below for a 3 step guide to expunging a criminal record in Indiana, plus a bonus tip on who to choose for qualified petitioning assistance.

Criminal Expungement Lawyer Marion County Indiana 317-636-7514
Criminal Expungement Lawyer Marion County Indiana 317-636-7514

How to Expunge a Criminal Record in Indiana

Finish All Sentencing Requirements

In order to be eligible for criminal record expungement, you must meet certain criteria. One of the most important elements of expungement eligibility is satisfying all court orders and sentencing terms. If you still haven’t finished your community service hours or attended a MADD victim impact panel, you must sign up and complete your requirements before you move onto the next step in the 3-step approach to expunging a criminal record in Indiana.

Learn Your Eligibility

Your next step is to verify your eligibility. Eligibility requirements are quite strict and extensive. In fact, determining eligibility for criminal record expungement is so complex, you are not expected to be able to do it yourself. This step requires the assistance of a licensed and experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed in the criminal record expungement laws and procedures.

Not only are the eligibility requirements complicated, but the whole petitioning process is too. Just one single mistake, like a missed deadline or spelling error, can result in a rejection. This is serious because you are only allowed to petition one time. Once you do, you lose your right to do so again. For this reason, it is important to expunge multiple records at once with the help of a legal professional.

Submit a Petition

At this step in the criminal record expungement process, your attorney will submit your petition on a county level according to Indiana Code. This means that your petition will be filed in the same county as the criminal charge. So, if you were arrested in Noblesville, your lawyer will submit your petition in Hamilton County, Indiana.

Are you ready to get started on your petition for criminal record expungement in Indiana? Contact our Indianapolis Indiana criminal record expungement lawyers to learn how to begin your petition, today. Our expungement fees start as low as $850, and we never charge for initial consultations.

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