Does Anyone Get Notified After I Have a Record Expunged?

Expunging an arrest or criminal charge from your permanent record is a feeling like nothing else. Relief, freedom, motivation are just a few emotions you can expect. But what else can you expect after criminal record expungement in Indiana? Are certain authorities and individuals automatically notified of your expunged record or are you responsible for notifying such authorities yourself?

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A Warning About Criminal Record Expungement in Indiana

If you want to guarantee a streamlined and hassle-free criminal record expungement process, it is critical that you hire a licensed and experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in record expungement and sealing services. The process to expunge a criminal record is highly complex and requires astute focus in terms of legalese, deadlines, paperwork, filings, fees, and even spelling errors.

The matter is critical because individuals are only allowed to petition for criminal record expungement once in their entire lifetime. Even if you make a small mistake like missing a deadline or misspelling your name can get your petition rejected forever. A kernel defense lawyer can ensure your petition goes off without a hitch. Additionally, they can facilitate multiple record expungements in one single petition, so long as they qualify under the Indiana ordinance.

Procedures for Expungement Notifications

Once the petition is granted for a record to be expunged, the petitioner is not required to notify agencies and authorities on their own. These parties will be automatically notified through a strict internal code of administrative communication. Such parties that will be notified include the arresting agency, the county clerk’s office, and the local law enforcement department.

Arresting Agency

The arresting agency is the party that was responsible for facilitating your arrest or charge. This is typically the jail, police department, or Sheriff’s office. Not only are they notified of your expunged record, but they are required to notify other agencies they have notified in the past regarding your criminal record.

County Clerk’s Office

The county clerk’s office will be notified upon approval of your criminal record expungement petition. They are required to distribute a certified copy of the expunged order to all relevant agencies that received your court records, such as probation offices, licensed agencies, and similar government agencies.

Local Police Department

The local police department, namely the one that facilitated your arrest, will be immediately notified of your expunged record. In turn, they are required to forward your granted expungement order to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This is all typically done, electronically.

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