Expunging Adult Criminal Records in Indiana

Any adult that has a past criminal record in Indiana has certainly experienced some road blocks in life. Any crimes, felonies, arrests, charges, and more are permanently recorded in state police records, public databases, and their personal record. These records affect people when they are applying for jobs, renting an apartment, applying for a loan, buying a house, and more. Managers, supervisors, business owners, banks, landlords, and more frequently inquire about police and criminal records during application processes. Although it seems intrusive, it is their way of accessing a person’s ability to perform well on the job, pay back a loan, responsibly rent an apartment, etcetera.

Criminal histories almost always make these ventures impossible or extremely difficult. It is not likely that a person will be hired for a job, approved for a bank loan, or handed a contract for an apartment if they have a lengthy criminal record. Why would they when there might be several other candidates that do not have criminal records? The good news is that there is a new law that allows past convicts to hide or expunge these criminal records from people such as this and make their lives better. Continue reading to learn about expunging adult criminal records in Indiana.

Indiana Criminal Record Expungement for Adults

To expunge a criminal record is not the same thing as magically erasing these charges from a person’s record. A person is still guilty of their past crimes and they will still be visible and attainable on police records and other governmental databases like the DMV and social security office. However, expungement hides these past criminal charges from the public view; making it impossible for employers, landlords, and other public viewers to see a person’s criminal history. There are some crimes that cannot be expunged; such as murder, rape, child molestation, etc. For the most part, misdemeanors and non-violent felonies are able to be expunged.

To expunge an adult criminal record, there are a few rules and guidelines that a person must follow. There is also a substantial amount of criteria they must fit in order to expunge criminal records. To understand these guidelines and to see if someone is eligible for criminal record expungement, they must consult a lawyer that is familiar with the new law.

Indianapolis Criminal Record Expungement Lawyers

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