Do You Want to Expunge Your Criminal Record?

Living with a criminal record can be extremely frustrating and shameful. Many people make mistakes when their younger, or when they’re put in undesirable situations. Sometimes these situations or mistakes result in arrests, trial, and convictions. When this happens, a person has no choice but to live with the consequences that come with breaking the law. Employers, landlords, and more can access public record directories and find a person’s criminal history. They can identify whether or not a person has been arrested or convicted of a crime. Misdemeanors, companies, and simple arrests are all posted to their personal background records. Crimes and convictions follow people their entire lives and prohibits them from enjoying normal amenities that any of the person with better criminal record can enjoy. And amenities such as renting a home or apartment, or earning a promotion they are qualified for by rejected due to their criminal histories, and more.

Criminal Record Expungement Process

If you are someone with a criminal record, you might want to know how to restrict these records from the public eye. This process is called expungement. Fortunately, Indiana has passed a new law allowing criminal record expungement for people with arrest records and criminal histories. Although there are several stipulations surrounding eligibility and requirements, many people are now able to feel their criminal records from all public access; including landlords, employers, public databases, and more.

If you are somebody that wishes to expunge their criminal record, take action right away. This new law is extremely controversial and retains a huge following of naysayers and sex. It is important to act immediately and begin the process of record expungement in case the law is banished in the near future. Here is the quick guide to starting the criminal record expungement process in Indiana:

1. Recall all Previous Arrests and/or Convictions and their Dates
2. Gather All Related Legal Paperwork for Each Arrest and/or Conviction
3. Call a Criminal Record Expungement Attorney
4. Schedule a Free Initial Consultation to Assess Your Eligibility for Expungement
5. Retain the Services of a Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer
6. Follow All Instructions and Counsel Recommended by Your Expungement Attorney

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