Learning the Difference Between Criminal Pardons and Criminal Expungement

As of right now, there are laws passed in Indiana that allow past convicts and criminals to conceal their public arrest records. Records can be fully sealed or partially sealed, depending on a person’s qualifications. All cases are different, but these records can include certain felonies, arrests, charges, convictions, misdemeanors, and more. There is a strict guideline that decides who is qualified for criminal record expungement, as well as, a rigid application process that often times throws individuals off course. This is why professional legal counsel is necessary for anyone who wishes to have arrest records expunged. There are also application fees and several other types of prerequisites.

Legal Pardons

A legal pardon is entirely different from criminal expungement. Although, their similarities makes it understandable why many confuse the two terms with one another. A legal pardon is the government’s way of forgiving a person for their crime or crimes. Depending on the state, if a person has a crime pardoned by the government, it will most likely still show up on public databases, but it will also show that the person was pardoned for the incident.

Criminal Expungement

In contrast to being pardoned for a crime, criminal record expungement does not “forgive” an individual for the crimes they committed, but they will treat it as though it never happened. It is a classic case of forgive or forget, where pardons are “forgiving” and expungement is “forgetting.” When a person has their arrest records expunged, they no longer show up on public databases, and they are no longer penalized for their past criminal history. They are free to apply for jobs, bank loans, apartments, and more!

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Do You Want to Expunge Your Criminal Record?

Living with a criminal record can be extremely frustrating and shameful. Many people make mistakes when their younger, or when they’re put in undesirable situations. Sometimes these situations or mistakes result in arrests, trial, and convictions. When this happens, a person has no choice but to live with the consequences that come with breaking the law. Employers, landlords, and more can access public record directories and find a person’s criminal history. They can identify whether or not a person has been arrested or convicted of a crime. Misdemeanors, companies, and simple arrests are all posted to their personal background records. Crimes and convictions follow people their entire lives and prohibits them from enjoying normal amenities that any of the person with better criminal record can enjoy. And amenities such as renting a home or apartment, or earning a promotion they are qualified for by rejected due to their criminal histories, and more.

Criminal Record Expungement Process

If you are someone with a criminal record, you might want to know how to restrict these records from the public eye. This process is called expungement. Fortunately, Indiana has passed a new law allowing criminal record expungement for people with arrest records and criminal histories. Although there are several stipulations surrounding eligibility and requirements, many people are now able to feel their criminal records from all public access; including landlords, employers, public databases, and more.

If you are somebody that wishes to expunge their criminal record, take action right away. This new law is extremely controversial and retains a huge following of naysayers and sex. It is important to act immediately and begin the process of record expungement in case the law is banished in the near future. Here is the quick guide to starting the criminal record expungement process in Indiana:

1. Recall all Previous Arrests and/or Convictions and their Dates
2. Gather All Related Legal Paperwork for Each Arrest and/or Conviction
3. Call a Criminal Record Expungement Attorney
4. Schedule a Free Initial Consultation to Assess Your Eligibility for Expungement
5. Retain the Services of a Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer
6. Follow All Instructions and Counsel Recommended by Your Expungement Attorney

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Can I Look Up a Person’s Expunged Personal Background Records?

Back in 2011, a new law in Indiana was put into effect regarding the sealing and restriction of a person’s past criminal records and convictions. Basically, this law allowed past offenders to retain legal counsel and petition for criminal record expungement. If they qualify for expungement and granted approval by the courts, their past criminal and arrest records are indefinitely concealed from public reach. This means that employers, landlords, and more cannot look up or identify a person’s criminal arrest records during a standard background check or screening.

Expunged Records

So the answer to this question is that person’s expunged records cannot be accessed by another person, company, or entity. The only exception to this rule is that law-enforcement officials, magistrates, courts, government officials, license branches, loan offices, and other government-run offices and associations will always retain the ability to obtain these records at any time.

You can say criminal record expungement is similar to giving a person a second chance at life. This is because there are several benefits to expunge and arrest records and criminal records. Although this laws now in fact in Indiana, there is no promise that it will remain forever. This law can go away at any moment and any day. It’s highly recommended to take advantage of this opportunity because it can open so many doors for past offenders, felons, and anyone with a criminal record. It is also highly recommended to retain professional legal counsel because the law limits how many times a person can apply for criminal record expungement.

The application process is lengthy, tedious, and complex; which is why an attorney is needed. If any mistakes are made during the application process for record expungement, a person can be denied. The law only allows someone to apply for criminal record expungement once in their lifetime. This is why it is vital that no mistakes are made during the application process. A license inexperienced attorney retains the knowledge and training to facilitate this application process accurately the first time.

Expunge Criminal Record Indiana

Expunge Criminal Record Indiana is a law firm in Indianapolis that can help you apply for criminal record expungement before the opportunity is lost. our highly knowledgeable and proficient attorneys are well-versed in the Indiana expungement law and can properly facilitate the application for criminal record expungement for anyone with past convictions, arrests, or records. There are several limitations, restrictions, and prerequisites that qualifies a person for expungement. Most can qualify; however, some people will not qualify depending on the type of convictions they have on the record. For more information about this, call 317-636-7514 to schedule a free initial consultation to see if you qualify for criminal record expungement in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How Can the New Indiana Expungement Law Help a Teenager with a Criminal Record?

Indiana courts now allow juveniles with arrest and criminal records to petition for criminal record expungement at any time. This means they can file a claim in a juvenile court and present their case to a judge, asking to have their criminal records sealed from the general public. There is no concrete equation or agenda for determining if a teen can have their juvenile records expunged. Instead, all cases are addressed individually by a judge and jury. If a petition for juvenile record expungement is granted, then that teenager’s criminal history and arrest records will be hidden from general public view forever.

Potential employers and landlords cannot see these kinds of criminal records on a background check; nor will they be visible on any public database. Their juvenile record will be erased from all police agency files, court files, medical files, and more. Looking back, we know we have all made mistakes when we were young and naive. This is why juvenile criminal record expungement is a fantastic opportunity at a second chance for teens and young adults. They can still have a promising future without past records of petty crimes and arrest holding them back.

College applications look much better to schools, and employers cannot see if a teenager has been arrested in the past. Future career opportunities with higher paying companies will be attainable because they will not be able to see a person’s juvenile arrest record on a background scan. When it comes to renting an apartment, landlords cannot access arrest or criminal records of a juvenile and deny their application. There are various advantages for teenagers who have their juvenile arrest records expunged in Indiana. The most important advantage and reason is opening doors and opportunities for teenagers; but the most rewarding is peace of mind.

Indianapolis Juvenile Record Expungement Services

If your teenager has a criminal record in Indiana, call us for superior Indianapolis juvenile record expungement services and assistance. We are highly trained and proficient attorneys that have studied the new Indiana expungement law thoroughly. It is a complex and complicated process that requires acute attention to detail and delicacy in the court room. To expunge juvenile arrest records in Indiana, one must consult a lawyer for help. If one mistake is made during the process, a teenager can never file for criminal expungement in Indiana ever again. This is why it is vital to hire an experienced attorney for successful results.

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