Do Teenagers Have the Right to Expunge Arrest Records in Indiana?

When a person has a criminal record, it can create a downhill spiral of consequences for life.  Whether a person was arrest, convicted, or both, a record will hold them back from certain benefits and advantages in normal society. Taking out a bank loan, applying for a job opening, renting an apartment, and more can create obstacles for someone who has been arrested or convicted of a crime. The good news is that a person can now have their arrest records purged in certain states if they qualify.  The better news is that teenagers can also petition for criminal record expungement in Indiana.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about juvenile criminal record expungement in Indiana, including how to turn in an application before the end of the year.

Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer 317-636-7514
Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer 317-636-7514

The Definition of a Juvenile

An individual who is 17 years old or younger is considered a juvenile in the eyes of the law. When a kid under the age of 18 years old is arrested for a crime, they are generally charged as a juvenile. But if they are over the age of 14, and the crime they committed was a serious felony, the courts and state may decide to try them as an adult. In these cases, the crimes are pretty serious or extensive. Courts do this to not only set an example, but to also make a point to service the right amount of justice where deserved.

To clear up the confusion, a minor is someone who is restricted to do something due to their age, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and voting. A juvenile can be a juvenile and a minor, while someone who is 18 is not a juvenile, but being under the age of 21 makes them a minor in terms of alcohol.

When a Juvenile is Tried as an Adult

If a minor is over the age of 14, and the crime they commit is serious, the state may decide to try them as an adult. In terms of expungement, a juvenile must wait a certain number of years, without committing any other crimes in between, before they can even qualify at all. Once this time limit is up, generally between 5 and 8 years, they can begin to inquire about further eligibility. But some crimes are never eligible for expungement, including murder, sex crimes, arson, human trafficking, and more.

Expunging Misdemeanor Arrests

If a minor was convicted of a lesser crime, such as a misdemeanor or Level 6 felony, there is possibility for expungement. Depending on their past criminal history, this eligibility may change. Whether a juvenile was tried as an adult or not, there may be a chance for qualification. Each individual case is different, which is why it is important to consult a licensed criminal lawyer for accurate evaluation and

How to Turn in Your Juvenile Expungement Application in Indiana

Call our Indianapolis criminal record expungement lawyers at 317-636-7514 if you would like to petition for restricted access or expunge an arrest from your criminal record in Indiana. We are happy to provide free initial consultations to discuss your case without any out-of-pocket obligations. Don’t let price worry you. Our rates start as low as $850! Whether you are looking to seal or expunge a criminal record, we are the criminal lawyers to trust for a hassle-free petitioning process. Take advantage of this Indiana expungement law and get your criminal record expunged this year!