Can I Expunge Criminal Records with Pending Criminal Charges?

It is simply human to make mistakes. After all, making mistakes is how we learn. This gives us a great deal of wisdom, but also, regret. One of the most common “mistakes” people make in their pasts involve legal troubles and infractions. Fortunately, with the new expungement laws in Indiana, many individuals now have the opportunity to conceal past mistakes like arrests, criminal charges, and convictions. This permits people with criminal histories to explore and pursue certain prospects that were not available to them before. Expunging criminal records allows people to apply for jobs or promotions without judgement or discrimination. And it allows people to apply for certain loans, mortgages, apartments, and more.

Concealing Past Criminal Records

Concealing past criminal records can truly change a person’s life for the better. However, it is important to know that it is not something that comes along easily. Criminal record expungement is something a person can file for only once in their life. And it is a very intense and delicate application process that cannot be implemented incorrectly in any way. A simple misspelled word or missed signature can eliminate a person’s chance to expunge their criminal history. For this reason, it is necessary to hire a licensed attorney well-versed in the criminal record expungement laws and procedures. They have the proper resources and knowledge to facilitate the process flawlessly for a small one-time fee.

There are so many questions regarding expungement and the process of hiring an attorney to file for expungement. It is recommended to review some basic Criminal Record Expungement Facts to better understand the laws surrounding the application and approval process. One common questions past offenders have involves pending criminal charges. Many people want to know if they can still file for expungement if they have current pending criminal charges in the works. The answer to this questions is very simple; no.

If a person has current criminal charges pending, they are not eligible to expunge their criminal records. Once the charges are dealt with accordingly, and are no longer pending, and the individual is no longer on probation, they can then apply for criminal record expungement. This, however, does not mean they will be eligible. There are several prerequisites and requirements for eligibility. Factors such as time, the type of offense, the state, and more, all influence a person’s chances of being approved for record expungement.

Criminal Record Expungement in Indiana

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