Can I Expunge a DUI Conviction in Indiana?

For most, one DUI conviction is all it takes to never drive under the influence ever again. But no matter how many years you maintain safe driving integrity, no amount of time will erase your conviction. Not only can a criminal record hold you back in your schooling and career, it can also impact your eligibility for rental housing, loans, dating, and much more. If you are steadfast on improving your quality of life and increasing your annual income, it is in your best interest to clean up your DUI record. One way you may be able to do that is by taking advantage of a new law recently passed in Indiana that allows those who qualify to seal or expunge their criminal records.

Continue below to learn more about this law, and how it might be able to hide your DUI from potential employers, licensee offices, landlords, loan officers, school admissions offices, and even a blind date.

DUI Criminal Record Expungement Indiana
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Indiana’s Second Chance Law

Indiana’s Second Chance Law can provide you with some much need relief when it comes to improving your quality of life after a DUI conviction. With a DUI or OWI on your criminal record, you can have trouble applying for college or graduate school, obtaining professional licenses, being approved for a loan, renting a place to live, and even dating. Nowadays, accessing someone’s criminal history is a simple as visiting a website and entering their name.

These background checks and criminal history scans are typically free, but the more comprehensive ones come with a fee. Virtually anyone can access your DUI record with just a few punches in the keyboard. Subsequently, this can adversely affect your life in many ways, as demonstrated above. With Indiana’s Second Chance Law, you can possibly have your record sealed from public access or expunged from your record.

Learn if You Qualify for DUI Expungement or Sealing in Indiana

To be eligible for criminal record expungement, you must pass certain criteria. For instance, a certain number of years must pass before you can petition. Furthermore, an applicant can only file once. If the petition is done incorrectly, or even a name is misspelled, the petition will be denied, and you lose your chance of filing forever. This is why it is vital to enlist the services of a licensed attorney, familiar with your state’s new expungement laws, to facilitate the entire process to ensure that everything is done properly.

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