What Happens to My Criminal Record if the Prosecutor Didn’t File Charges?

In some cases of arrests, the state prosecution might decide to not file charges against a defendant. This decision might come for a number of reasons, from mistaken identity and false accusations, to lack of evidence and actual innocence. Whatever the reason your appointed prosecutor decided to not file criminal charges against you, you might still be filled with a list of questions, mostly concerns for your reputation and future.

Continue reading to learn what your criminal record might look like after being arrested, and ultimately, having no charges filed against you.

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Arrest Records

An arrest record is just a part of your overall criminal record. This means that even if criminal charges were never filed against you, your criminal record will still show the event of arrest. Of course, it will also show that no charges were ultimately filed. The arrest will be detailed as a “detention”, meaning a hold in custody followed by a release. It will also detail the type of charges you were arrested on, such as drug possession, drunk driving, theft, or assault.

Most people feel very lucky when prosecution does not file charges against them, but this swift wind of luck is not enough to put your mind at ease. Your personal record, available to the entire public, will show that you were arrested on particular charges. Friends, dates, employers, school admittance offices, and more, can all view your public criminal record. Even though you were not charged for the crime you were detained for, the mark on your record can still cause ripples in your life down the road.

What You Can Do

Even after prosecution does not file charges, there is still work to be done on your part. Although it is optional, you should take your legal journey a step further to ensure your reputation is protected down the line. You can do this by looking into your state’s expungement and record sealing laws. You may qualify to have the arrest record hidden or eliminated from your public criminal history. If you are a Hoosier, talk to a seasoned Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer who specializes in Indiana criminal record expungement to learn when you will be eligible.

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