How to Prepare Your Case For a Successful Criminal Record Expungement

Are you looking to get a fresh start after being convicted of a crime in Indiana? The good news is that the state has its own Second Chance Law which allows eligible individuals to have their criminal records expunged. This means your past offenses won’t show up on background checks, allowing for greater employment opportunities and other benefits. If you are considering applying for an expungement, it is important to know what steps need to be taken in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

In this blog post, we outline some tips and advice on how to prepare your case for a successful criminal record expungement in Indiana.

Call 317-636-7514 to Meet With an Expungement Lawyer Near Indianapolis IN
Call 317-636-7514 to Meet With an Expungement Lawyer Near Indianapolis IN

How to Properly Prepare Your Case for Criminal Record Expungement

1. Understand Your Eligibility for Expungement: It is important to know whether you are eligible to apply for an expungement in Indiana. Generally, those who have been convicted of a crime that is not considered a serious offense and did not involve violence can seek an expungement. However, if your criminal record includes more than one conviction or there are multiple offenses, then the chances of getting the expungement approved may be slim. And so, it is important to fully understand your eligibility before applying so as not to waste time and resources on an unsuccessful application.

2. Collect All Relevant Documents: To make sure that the process runs smoothly it is vital that all relevant documents are collected and supplied with your application. The documents you will need to provide include court orders, criminal records, sentence records and any other paperwork that is related to the offense in question. If any of these are missing or incomplete your application may be delayed or rejected altogether.

3. Get Professional Help: As the process for getting an expungement can be complicated it is advisable to seek help from a qualified lawyer who specializes in this area of law. An experienced attorney will be able to assess your situation properly and advise you on the best course of action in order to give yourself the highest chances of success.

4. Prepare a Strong Argument: Even if you meet all of the necessary criteria for eligibility, there is still no guarantee that your application will be successful unless you can make a strong argument in favor of getting the expungement. Before submitting your application, it is important to explain why you deserve a second chance and how this would positively affect your life going forward.

Get Started With Your Criminal Record Expungement Case

By following these steps and taking the necessary measures, you will be able to give yourself the best chance of success when applying for an expungement of your criminal record in Indiana. It is also important to remember that even if your application is successful, there are other steps that may need to be taken before you can fully benefit from having your criminal record expunged. Therefore, it is advisable to get professional help and advice throughout the process so as not to miss any crucial details along the way. 

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