Employer’s Ability to Perform Background Checks is Currently Limited Under a New Indiana Law

A new Indiana law, most recently in affect, further restricts business owners and employer’s rights to file for a background check on any potential hire. Not only can criminal records be restricted from companies, full identity pictures may also be blocked as well. This new law is in fact an addendum to the ruling passed nearly two years ago; allowing people to expunge crimes from personal records so long as they qualify. In order to qualify, an applicant must meet all of the eligibility requirements lined out by Indiana legislatures. Continue reading to learn more about this criminal record expungement topic and its related issues in Indiana.

Restricted Access to Convictions Law

The Restricted Access to Convictions Law was ratified in July 1, 2011. Under certain conditions, it gave ex-convicts an opportunity to restrict criminal convictions from their personal record; and still does. This law allowed any person with a misdemeanor or Class D felony to legally petition to the courts to have their past crimes erased from their criminal records. The missed factor was that this ordinance only applied to public agencies and databases, not private or commercial ones.

The idea behind introducing the law was to give people with past minor offenses a second chance at securing better jobs, incomes, and benefits. Because of the minor loophole, this new addendum has been introduced to further restrict employers’ access to criminal records in all databases.

Employer Restrictions Addendum and Related Violation Infractions

If a person has their criminal records expunged, the new law permits them to deny any past criminal offenses on job applications and interviews. These same employers will not be able to locate any criminal history on an applicant’s personal record either, under the new law. In fact, it is a Class B infraction for any employer to ask an applicant if their criminal history has been sealed or expunged from their record. Violations of this rule can result in fines reaching or exceeding 1,000 dollars.

It is a Class C infraction for any employer or company to deny or discriminate against people that have had their past criminal convictions expunged from their personal record. Any employer or person in violation of this rule can be held in contempt of court; and may also be sentenced to provide some kind of non-monetary restitution, or injunction.

Under the new law, in effect as of July 2013, criminal history providers are required to change, update, and correct their databases accordingly, to reflect recent expungements. They cannot release non-conviction information as well. Penalties for such infractions include: liquidated and statutory damages, attorneys’ fees, court costs, and more.

Criminal Expungement Information in Indiana

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