Indiana Time Limits for Certain Expunctions

Before the new expungement laws in Indiana, anyone convicted of a crime or arrested had to live with their brief mistake for the rest of their lives. To their dying day, an arrest or infraction would remain on their permanent criminal record. But those days are over for many. Now anyone who qualifies can seal or expunge criminal records in Indiana. It is strongly suggested to hire a defense attorney well-versed and experienced in criminal record expungement law and procedures. They can navigate your expunction request and properly file all the necessary paperwork on time.

One mistake in the expungement filing process can eliminate your chance to file every again. You only get one opportunity at filing for criminal record expungement, so be sure to trust a professional for accurate filing and delivery. There are several qualifications for record sealing and expungement, but the most important and commonly asked about is time limits. Continue reading to learn the Indiana time limits for criminal record expunction and record sealing.

Time Qualifications for Record Expungement

You must wait for a certain amount of time from the date of arrest before being eligible to petition for criminal record expungement. The amount of time you must wait largely depends on your criminal history and the convictions you have. They are as follows:

Dismissed Cases = 1 Year
Cases w/No Conviction = 1 Year
Misdemeanor Convictions = 5 Years
Level D Felony Convictions = 8 Years
Other Felony Convictions = 8 Years, or 3 Years from Sentencing Completion Date
Serious Felony Convictions = 10 Years, or 5 Years from Sentencing Completion Date

Completed sentencing dates are the dates that a person was released from jail, parole, or probation (whichever is most recent), having completed all their court-ordered sentencing agreements. Keep in mind that sex offenses and murder/homicide are not eligible for expungement ever. Aside from time, other prerequisites include having no other infractions, arrests, or convictions since the last, all court costs and probation fees must be paid off, and more. Consult an expungement lawyer for details about these prerequisites and eligibility guidelines.

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Are Voting Rights Restored After Expunging a Felony?

Two years ago, the Indiana expungement laws have granted past felons the opportunity to seal their criminal records. Before July of 2013, only charges that were dismissed, acquitted, dropped, or voided could be sealed, but then the expungement laws were revised and now convicted persons can have their criminal records expunged. Continue reading to learn more about felony expungement in Indiana, and who to call for reliable and professional filing services.

Felony Expungement

Although filing is a delicate process that cannot even start until a certain amount of time has passed (up to 10 years for felony charges), expungement services are well worth the patience and effort in the end. After a person has a felony record expunged, all of their civil rights are restored, including the right to vote, to be a juror, and the right to firearms. But there are stipulations to having these rights restored, and they are as follows:

• Must Not Be Incarcerated Since the Conviction
• Must Not Commit Any More Crimes Since the Conviction
• Must Not Be On Probation Since the Conviction
• Must Pay All Legal Restitution On Time for the Conviction
• Defendant Maintains a Clean Record Following Expungement

In order to expunge a felony record, a person must have all of their crime-committing days behind them. This is because a person can only have records expunged one time in Indiana. A person can expunge multiple charges and convictions so long as it is done all at the same time, but they only get once chance to file. If one filing mistake is made, the request is dismissed and a person loses their opportunity to file for expungement in Indiana forever.

For this reason, it is important to retain the services of a licensed attorney that is well-versed in the Indiana expungement laws and procedures. For a reasonable fee, an experienced lawyer can file all documents to the court and manage all other filing procedures for a defendant. This will ensure it gets done right the first time, which is the only time you have.

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