Professional Licenses That Require a Criminal Background Check in Indiana

A professional license signifies that a person is fully-trained and legally authorized to perform specialized services within their vocation. They are also tools to help people secure higher-paying jobs, promotions, and occupational flexibility. Obtaining a professional license in any industry requires extensive work, dedication, and even money. And in Indiana, it also requires a moderately-clean criminal record. More than 40 professional licenses mandate a national criminal background scan before they are issued by the state.

Indiana Criminal Background Checks

In Indiana, any person that applies for a professional license or certificate must pass a national criminal history check. This includes licenses and certificates for nursing, teaching, dentistry, and more. A national criminal background scan will reveal any arrests, criminal charges, incarcerations, diversion programs, rehabilitation programs, and even traffic violations since the age of 18. Juvenile records of arrests and convictions will not appear.

The contents of a person’s criminal record will influence a board’s decision to either approve or deny a professional license. When a person has a criminal record, it is entirely up to the discretion of a board to either approve or deny a license. They can also request the applicant’s presence to discuss the matter in person. Prior to an in-person appearance, it is likely for the board to request additional information regarding the details of a person’s criminal history.

Professional Licenses that Require a Criminal Background Scan:

✒ Teacher
✒ Dentist
✒ Dental Hygienist
✒ Physician
✒ Physician Assistant
✒ Chiropractor
✒ Veterinarian
✒ Registered Veterinary Technician
✒ Physical Therapist
✒ Physical Therapist Assistant
✒ Optometrist
✒ Pharmacist
✒ Pharmacy Technician
✒ Clinical Social Worker
✒ Social Worker
✒ Osteopathic Physician
✒ Respiratory Care Practitioner
✒ Registered Nurse
✒ Advanced Practice Nurse
✒ Clinical Addition Counselor
✒ Health Facility Administrator
✒ Marriage and Family Therapist
✒ Marriage and Family Therapy Associate
✒ Podiatrist
✒ Occupational Therapist
✒ Occupational Therapy Assistant
✒ Speech Pathologist
✒ Speech-Language Pathology Associate/Aid/Assistant
✒ Private Investigator Psychologist
✒ Nurse Mid-Wife
✒ Real Estate Appraiser
✒ Acupuncturist
✒ Audiologist
✒ Dietician
✒ Genetic Counselor
✒ Massage Therapist
✒ And More


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