Types of Criminal and Arrest Records That Qualify for Expungement

If you have a criminal record, whether a conviction, a charge, or just an arrest or detainment, it is in your best interest to have such records removed or sealed from public access. Just be sure to ACT NOW before the Indiana Second Chance laws are no longer available. They are not popular among many, posing the risk of abolishment at any moment.

There are many types of records that can be expunged or sealed, depending on what you qualify for. Scroll down to review information about the most common types of criminal records expunged everyday.

Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer

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Arrest Records (If No Conviction Resulted)

A father of two, who was arrested once in their college days for public intoxication in Indiana but never convicted, is now able to have that arrest cleared from their criminal record. This is a perfect example of how the new expungement law can help. A person arrested more than a year ago, but never convicted of a crime, can have that arrest removed from their criminal record with the help of our experienced criminal attorneys in Indianapolis.

Misdemeanor Convictions (Including Class D Felonies Reduced to Misdemeanors)

Everyone made mistakes; especially when we were young. It is common for people to have insignificant misdemeanor convictions on their criminal records; such as operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI or DUI), shoplifting, check fraud, small narcotic possession charges, battery without injury, and more. Often times, these misdemeanor convictions can be removed from a person’s record with the help of a skilled attorney. Our knowledgeable attorneys can give you the details on how to get your record cleared of misdemeanors for good in Indiana.

Class D Felony Convictions

If a class D felony was not reduced to a misdemeanor charge, a person may still have a chance to get it expunged from their criminal record in Indiana. Class D felonies such as theft, OWI/DUI with priors, intimidation, fraud, and drug possession, can all be cleared from a person’s criminal records so long as they meet all the eligibility requirements. For details about the Indiana expungement eligibility requirements, call our law office at 317-636-7514 today.

Other Felonies

Other felonies, more serious than a class D felony, can be expunged from a criminal record. This does not include sex offenses, homicide, human trafficking, sex crimes, and more. Although there are more stringent requirements for this type of expungement case, a court may still rule in a person’s favor. This all depends on whether or not they meet the eligibility standards, their most recent criminal activity, and more. Call our law office for details about felony expungement in Indiana.

Hire a Lawyer Before You Apply

It is strongly recommended to discuss all of your questions and concerns surrounding criminal record expungement and sealing with a licensed Indianapolis criminal defense attorney who is well-versed and experienced in these laws. They can provide a personalized investigation and assessment of your case and determine whether or not you qualify. From there, they can assist with your petition process to ensure everything is filed properly. Just one simple error or missed deadline can deny you the second chance at petitioning, which is why having a professional do the work for you is so critical to your case.

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