The Affordable Criminal Record Expungement Law Firm You’re Looking for in Indianapolis

Ever since Indiana made changes to their criminal record expungement laws, thousands of past offenders have jumped at the opportunity to clear the criminal records for good. There are so many benefits that come with clearing your criminal history, making it no surprise why it is such a popular petition in Indiana. An improved criminal record can open up so many doors in terms of jobs, loans, housing, and much more. But because the petitioning process for criminal record expungement is so complex and sensitive, it is important to retain professional legal representation for help with filing all of the documents necessary for applying.

If you are interested in sealing your past criminal convictions and arrests for the sake of your future, you are in the right place! We are the licensed and experienced law firm that can provide Indiana criminal record expungement services and assistance at an affordable price.

A Truly Affordable Price!

Our law firm offers criminal record expungement assistance for as low as $850! The cost of your service will largely depend on the extent of your criminal history and the complexity of the case. We are criminal defense lawyers that have extensive hands-on experience in criminal law. And now, we are extremely well-versed in the new Indiana expungement laws! We know the exact process, paperwork, and procedures for filing for criminal record expungement in Indiana. We will make sure your petition goes through without any mistakes or errors whatsoever.

Free Initial Consultations!

We offer free initial consultation to discuss your case to determine your eligibility for, record expungement. Not everybody qualifies for criminal record expungement, so it is important to learn your eligibility first before wasting any time and effort applying. During your initial consultation, we will use our knowledge and resources to determine eligibility for expungement. If you qualify, we can afford that they are working on your petition!

Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Lawyers

Call 317-636-7514 if you are interested in learning about criminal record expungement in Indiana. You can trust us with your expungement petition because we care about your future and we have already helped numerous clients feel their criminal records in Indiana. Call 317-636-7514 to request a free estimate for Indiana criminal record expungement service, today.

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