Expunging Adult Criminal Records in Indiana

Any adult that has a past criminal record in Indiana has certainly experienced some road blocks in life. Any crimes, felonies, arrests, charges, and more are permanently recorded in state police records, public databases, and their personal record. These records affect people when they are applying for jobs, renting an apartment, applying for a loan, buying a house, and more. Managers, supervisors, business owners, banks, landlords, and more frequently inquire about police and criminal records during application processes. Although it seems intrusive, it is their way of accessing a person’s ability to perform well on the job, pay back a loan, responsibly rent an apartment, etcetera.

Criminal histories almost always make these ventures impossible or extremely difficult. It is not likely that a person will be hired for a job, approved for a bank loan, or handed a contract for an apartment if they have a lengthy criminal record. Why would they when there might be several other candidates that do not have criminal records? The good news is that there is a new law that allows past convicts to hide or expunge these criminal records from people such as this and make their lives better. Continue reading to learn about expunging adult criminal records in Indiana.

Indiana Criminal Record Expungement for Adults

To expunge a criminal record is not the same thing as magically erasing these charges from a person’s record. A person is still guilty of their past crimes and they will still be visible and attainable on police records and other governmental databases like the DMV and social security office. However, expungement hides these past criminal charges from the public view; making it impossible for employers, landlords, and other public viewers to see a person’s criminal history. There are some crimes that cannot be expunged; such as murder, rape, child molestation, etc. For the most part, misdemeanors and non-violent felonies are able to be expunged.

To expunge an adult criminal record, there are a few rules and guidelines that a person must follow. There is also a substantial amount of criteria they must fit in order to expunge criminal records. To understand these guidelines and to see if someone is eligible for criminal record expungement, they must consult a lawyer that is familiar with the new law.

Indianapolis Criminal Record Expungement Lawyers

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Criminal Expungement Can Open New Doors for the Previously Convicted

The new Indiana law regarding criminal record expungement gives past convicts new opportunities. Now, anyone that has been arrested or convicted at least five years ago or more can remove their criminal history from public records, so long as they qualify. There are restrictions that come along with any new statute, and this one is no different. Although there are stipulations, several people qualify for expungement. Removing these records can improve a person’s life and allow new prospects that would otherwise not be available to them. Continue reading to learn how criminal record expungement can open new doors for the previously convicted; as well as, who to call for superior expungement services in Indiana.

Expunging Criminal Records is Beneficial

There are several reasons why the new criminal expungement law has opened doors for the previously convicted. If a person was arrested in their young adult years, and convicted in a court of law, this conviction stays with them their entire lives; affecting their career opportunities, health insurance, international traveling agendas, and more. If this same person wishes to have this conviction removed from public records so that it cannot affect these areas of their life, they can now do so. It would be extensive listing all the benefits and outcomes to criminal record expungement; but here is a short list of the most rewarding advantages when you expunge criminal records:

Certificate of Actual Innocence

If someone was found not guilty, or the charges were eventually dropped, not only can they have the arrest removed from their criminal history, they can also receive a “Certificate of Actual Innocence” basically saying they should never have been arrested and charged to being with.

Renting a Home or Office

Potential landlords cannot view or get access to arrest or criminal records of a person who has expunged them. These records are sealed and not disclosed to property owners and landlords. This allows people to rent better living arrangements and commercial office space. This is especially beneficial to families with children who require more space, safer neighborhoods, and better school districts.

Job Applications and Interviews

Employers cannot access or view criminal history and records of any applicant or employee if that person has had their records expunged. This gives several men and women an opportunity to get better paying jobs. This is a great advantage for men supporting their families, and single mothers raising their children. Not only can these better jobs pay more, they can offer benefits for the whole family; such as family health plans, insurance, 401K, and more.

If you have been convicted of a crime more than five years ago, and have completed all your probation requirements and court fees, you may be eligible for criminal expungement. It is advised to contact a lawyer who specializes in criminal record expungement for optimal service. The process is simple, but even a tiny mistake can ruin a person’s chances of expunging their records. This is because a person gets only one chance to file for expungement. If they or their lawyer files anything incorrectly or in the wrong order, their claim will be dismissed and they cannot apply ever again. This is why it is important to consult a professional and reputable law office.

Criminal Record Expungement Services in Indianapolis, IN

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How to Expunge Juvenile Court and Arrest Records in Indiana

With information spreading about the new Indiana expungement laws, many families are beginning to wonder if this law can apply to juvenile records as well. In Indiana, the answer is yes; however, there are still certain stipulations surrounding expungement eligibility. As long as a person is at least 18 years old and qualifies for expungement, there is a good chance they can succeed in removing arrest and court records from their file. Continue reading to learn how to expunge adolescent arrest records and court histories in Indiana; and who to call for accurate advice and counsel regarding juvenile criminal record expungement.

A Clear Slate for Juvenile Offenders

When a criminal record is expunged, past offenders can legally tell employers, licensing agents, landlords, and more that they have never been convicted of a crime in Indiana. There are several other advantages to sealing juvenile arrest and court records too; so long as the defendant fits within all the prerequisites for criminal record expungement. This means they have no other pending charges since the arrest, five years has passed since the closing of all court proceedings, they are at least 18 years old, and the arrest charges in question were not serious felonies that do not qualify for expungement, such as crude sexual offenses or murder.

To get adolescent records expunged, defendants are required to file a petition to the pertaining courthouse, as well as, pay a predetermined court filing fee. By law, a person is only allowed to file one time for criminal record expungement in a lifetime; however, they can expunge multiple records at one time. This means that all paperwork and filing procedures must be facilitated flawlessly in order to have a shot at expunging court records at all. This is why it is imperative to hire a reputable and knowledgeable attorney for assistance with accurate and precise filing.

What Happens Once a Juvenile Record is Expunged?

If a person’s petition for adolescent criminal expungement is accepted, then that person’s record is no longer acknowledged by the court. Legally, if this person is asked if they have a criminal history, they can say no. Individuals and organizations that might request background checks include employers, government agencies, landlords, educational institutions, banks, and more. If a juvenile record has been expunged, it will not show up on background checks. Only in some cases will juvenile arrest records show up on background checks. For example, if a person is applying within a law enforcement agency, these records will most likely be available. Also, if a juvenile record concerns a vehicle violation, then most insurance companies can obtain this information.

Expunge Your Criminal Record in Indiana

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