Eligibility Requirements for Criminal Expungement in Indiana

With so many variables at play, determining your eligibility for criminal expungement in Indiana can be a complex process. It is important, on the other hand, to find out if you qualify to have your past arrest records, misdemeanors, or felonies restricted from your personal record.

Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify for record expungement. Continue reading to learn the admissibility prerequisites for criminal record expungement and where to get started expunging criminal records in Indiana.

Arrest Records

If a person would like to remove a inconsequential arrest from their adolescent or young adulthood days, they could do so, as long as they qualify and meet all the requirements. For example, it must be at least one year since the initial arrest date and no conviction ever resulted. As long as the person has no other current or pending charges, they qualify to have this arrest expunged from their permanent record.


For misdemeanor cases and arrests, the perquisites differ greatly. For instance, a person must wait five years to have a crime or arrest expunged, as well as, not been convicted or charged with another crime since the initial arrest. Also, they must have a current and valid drivers’ license with no other pending or current charges on their record. The last stipulation is that a person must complete all court ordered sentence requirements, probation conditions, and satisfied all fines following their conviction.

Class D Felonies

Class D Felonies that have been reduced to a misdemeanor can also be expunged the same as a regular misdemeanor. They have the same stipulations and requirements for criminal record expungement in Indiana.

Other felony arrests or charges are more complicated to expunge. The requirements are drastically different, yet similar, to expunging a misdemeanor or petty arrest. Instead of one year or five years, a felon must wait at least 8 years to qualify for expungement. There are also several restrictions and limitation on the types of felonies than can be expunged. A few felonies that cannot be expunged from a personal record include but are not limited to:

• Sexual Misconduct
• Elected Official Misconduct
• Crimes Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury
• Human Trafficking
• Homicide
• Murder
• And More

Expunge Criminal Record Indiana

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