Criminal History Providers Forced to Make Changes for New Indiana Expungement Laws

With the new Indiana expungement options in place, criminal history providers must make changes to the methods of revealing criminal accounts for anyone who has had their criminal records expunged. Criminal history providers are organizations and companies that allow businesses, employers, and general public to see any person’s criminal record and past convictions. These providers are also called background screening companies (CRA’s) and commercial database companies. They are popularly called background checks, criminal record checks, and criminal history look-ups.

Criminal archives show arrests, jail time, convictions, charges, and more. Now that Indiana has passed criminal record expungement laws, individuals who qualify can have their records sealed from public access. This means criminal history providers and background check services must limit the way they reveal a person’s public records in compliance with the expungement new laws.

Criminal Record Expungement

In order to qualify for criminal record expungement, a person must exhibit all prerequisites mandated by law. Depending on the amount of time that’s passed since the date of the conviction, current criminal mischief, the crime or conviction committed, and more, an individual may or may not qualify, or not qualify just yet. It is important to consult an Indianapolis criminal record expungement attorney to determine a person’s eligibility. You can only file to expunge your criminal records once in a lifetime. If even one tiny filing mistake is made or overlooked, it can cost you your investment into attorney fees and your opportunity to conceal your criminal records for good. A licensed attorney, well-versed in the new expungement laws, can accurately guide you through the process or implement the filing work for you to ensure accuracy.

Once a person’s criminal records are expunged, criminal history providers must prohibit revealing:

• Arrests w/o Convictions
• Infractions w/o Convictions
• Charges w/o Convictions
• Record or Proof of Expungement
• D-Felonies Converted to A-Misdemeanors
• Inaccurate Records

Criminal History Providers Must Also:

1. Complete an Annual Record Inspection to Make Sure All Records are Current and Updated, and All Information is Accurate and True

2. Annually Remove All Inaccurate and Incorrect Information in Records

3. Only Disclose Accurate and Precise Information Pertaining to a Conviction

Criminal Record Expungement Attorneys

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