Can the Indiana Expungement Law Help Juveniles?

Do you worry about your child’s future because of their past arrest or criminal record? Everything from their college admissions and dating, to professional licensing, mortgage loans, and more, can be negatively affected by a criminal record. Fortunately, the Indiana Criminal Record Expungement law might be able to provide your loved one with some legal relief, and put your mind at ease.

However, before you get your hopes up, you must know that there are several stipulations and limitations to expunging criminal records, primarily qualifying. Furthermore, the law is complex, so be prepared to hire a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in expungement so that your child’s petition is secured.

Continue reading to learn how juveniles might benefit from Indiana criminal record expungement, and who to trust for accurate legal advice and petition services in Indianapolis.

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Don’t Make the Biggest Mistake

When it comes to petitioning for criminal history expungement, the worst mistake you can make is to NOT hire a qualified lawyer. Attempting to petition for expungement on your own is a huge set up for disaster. Not only is the legal process and actual petition both highly complex, petitioners only get one chance in their entire lifetime to apply for expungement. The petition is so strict and complicated that just a single, insignificant mistake, like a skipped line or misspelled name, will revoke a person’s petition. After a petition is revoked, you do not get another try.

A criminal defense lawyer who specializes in expungement and sealing services will ensure that a petition is filled out precisely, submitted on time and to the proper departments. All of these elements of the petition process are vital. But filing a criminal record expungement petition correctly is not the only thing you must ensure. There is also the matter of qualifying.

Qualification for Expungement

In order to be eligible for criminal record expungement, there are certain facts that must exist. The most important requirement is that a person must be 18 years of age to petition for criminal record expungement in Indiana. Additional qualification factors are time and charge. A specific amount of time must pass from the date of the arrest in order for a petitioner to be eligible.

For instance, a person expunging a basic misdemeanor DUI charge must wait at least 5 years from the date of their arrest. This will affect your child’s petition since they will likely not be eligible until they are already a legal adult. For example, if your child was arrested on their 16th birthday for drug possession, they won’t be eligible for expungement until they are 21 years old.

Get a Personal Assessment for Your Expungement Eligibility

Call Attorney David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 to see if your love one is eligible for Indiana criminal record expungement assessed. Our services start as low as $850, so anyone can afford to clean up their record. Call 317-636-7514 to schedule a consultation, today.

Criminal Record Expungement Attorney 317-636-7514
Criminal Record Expungement Attorney 317-636-7514