Am I Eligible For Criminal Record Expungement?

Every state observes the laws of criminal record expungement differently. So depending on where your arrest or charges took place, the eligibility requirements may vary. In Indiana, legislation supports the notion that anyone who has an arrest on their record that never resulted in criminal charges deserves an opportunity to clear their arrest from the system. This is called expunging a criminal record, and is legal under various stipulations in Indiana.

For starters, a person must qualify for criminal record expungement, and the eligibility requirements are strict and complex. Continue reading to learn the eligibility requirements for criminal record expungement in Indiana, and who to call to get started as soon as today!

Eligibility Requirements in Indiana

There are several requirements that must be met before a person can expunge an arrest from their record. But overall, in order for a person to qualify for criminal record expungement one of two scenarios must be true:

1. Their arrest must never have led to criminal charges;


2. Their charges were later dropped because: a) no crime was committed, b) mistaken identity, or c) no probable cause.

Here is an example:

Becky is a 16 year old high-school student who went to the mall to return a scarf she had bought the week before. She carried the scarf into the store in a shopping bag that was from another store. She didn’t go straight to the return counter because she saw some sales racks she wanted to look through first. The lady working the register approached her, and then found the scarf in her bag. Since Becky forgot her receipt, the lady assumed she had shoplifted the scarf, so she called the police. Becky was arrested on the spot and taken into custody. Later, the evidence showed she was in fact, not shoplifting, but simply forgot to bring her proof-of-purchase. In this scenario, Becky could have her shoplifting arrest expunged since charges were never filed against her. That way, the arrest will never show up on a background check.

In Indiana, criminal convictions cannot be expunged. Talk to a criminal record expungement attorney to see if you qualify.

File for Criminal Record Expungement

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